Although you may be tempted to help your septic system by buying some Rid-Ex and boosting the bacteria, you are not doing your septic system any favors.

In Alaska the annual temperature average is too low for the bacteria to have any meaningful breakdown of solids into liquids. This is why septic systems in Alaska need to be pumped more aggressively than in the lower 48.

This product is meant for someone who is responsible for a private septic tank, but not responsible for a public waste water treatment system. The product converts semi-solids into liquids so the contents can pass through the septic tanks baffle.

Although that sounds baffling (pun intended), this can cause irreparable harm to your septic system because it will clog up the pores of the soil. Once the porous nature of the field is clogged, it will not work properly and will progressively fail from then on.

In a city with a wastewater treatment plant this is not a problem, as the sewage is treated by chemicals and filtration, dissemination, and a whole list of mechanisms to make the wastewater capable of being disposed of properly. This product is designed so you do not have to pump your tank as often, but is only applicable in this sense.

In the Matanuska Valley, there are only two public wastewater treatment areas, one for the City of Wasilla of Old Matanuska Road, and the other for the City of Palmer off Outer Springer Loop. If you do not live in these two areas, this product will do more harm than good.

Just remember to regularly, (as in every two years) pump your septic tank.